Hey beauties! After yesterday's post on L'oreal nails I thought it would be nice reviewing another nail polish - this time from Essence. This year Essence nail polishes have been hyped and I got some too. But yesterday I went to Drogas and I saw a discount on a valentine's day make up range. I thought why not get a new nail polish? But this is not the regular nail polish, read further to find out why...

So as I said this is Essence Valentine - Who cares? collection and I got a shade 03 Crew love is true love - what a clever name, isn't it? hehe. It's a raspberry red colour, but once you paint your nails with it the colour gets just like a regular bright red colour. Strange. The bottle of the nail varnish is somewhere in the middle (9ml) so it will last me pretty long time. And the design of it is very simple and regular to the other nail polishes. What made my buy it was the latex effect that it supposed to have. I have never had a latex effect nail polish, so I wanted to see is it any different from a regular matte nail varnish. And it was. It wasn't 100% matte and I have no idea how to describe how it looks. I guess like latex hehe. And I think you're not able to really see how it looks in real life. Sadly. It adds a nice touch to nails that wearing a regular red nail polish, so if you want some edginess - have a look at that latex effect.

My conclusion on this product:

+ latex effect
+ nice bright colour
+ SUPER fast drying
+ pretty big bottle

- chipped the same day (as shown in the picture above)
- different colour on the nails from what it seems in the bottle

Because of the poor longevity I would not by this nail polish again, but I will use it from time to time, just to add that edginess to my nails.

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