Hello my wonderful readers. I had a chance to try out our neighbor's cosmetics from Latvia! I was very excited, because their concept is unusual. The brand is called Pien- Dairy spa. Yes, you read right. Dairy spa. So basically  the concept of the products is that they are made of milk whey! Whaaat? Yep!

Why milk whey? Because it is rich in vitamins and microelements that are essential to our skin wellness.

This Latvian brand wants to help people to feel like a princess or prince and have a bath in milk. Doesn't that sound splendid? 

Firstly I've tried their natural bath foam that is said to help to regain strength, calmness and feeling of comfort from the hasty lifestyle. First of all it does smell like you're having a bath in milk. The scent might be odd to unnatural scent lovers, because it's not the candy milky scent. Because it's all natural product, it doesn't have loads of foam, but that's fine by me. And after a bath you do have a little bit smoother and softher skin, which is great. The product is SLS and SLES-free, Parabens-free, Parfum-free, Allergens-free and it was not tested on animals. Wonderful pamper product for natural product lovers!

I also tried natural cleansing foam for sensitive skin. Manufacturers say that it rids the skin from impurities before facial procedures and gently whisks away make-up. The quark whey, which is the key ingredient for the product, comprises unique components, such as B-group vitamins and microelements which are important to maintain healthy skin. Milk whey boosts skin cell activity, leaving the skin smoother and revitalized. 
After using it for couple of months I can say that it is one of the best natural make up removal options. It doesn't dry out the skin, sometimes I did not even needed skin cream after. The down side is that it is a foam and it is just too time consuming for me. I prefer micellar water, that is more quicker and easier. I hope Pien- will make milky micellar water in the future hehe. Other than that I loved it and would recommend it for anyone loving natural products. It is also SLS and SLES-free, Parabens-free, Parfum-free, Allergens-free, PEG-free and was not tested on animals. 

The last thing I used from Pien- is their natural hand soap. They say that this soap moistens, cleanses and calms the skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky. The product is recommended for manicure procedures, as it takes care of nails and cuticle. Well, I don't know if it rocked my world, because I am not a natural cosmetics freak, so not having a natural hand soap is alright with me. But people who do want everything natural and benevolent for our body in their home, that would be a good choice. It does clean the hands squeaky clean and does not dry out the skin. That's all I need from the hand soap as my hand skin is pretty dry.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that their packaging is A MA ZING and on point. They use simmilar to milk boxes as their packaging and clean, white/silver product packaging. Very clever and picturesque. It definitely is a decoration for bath! :)

Let me know if you've tried Pien- dairy spa products, I would love to know how you liked them. Also Pien- is comming to Lithuania pretty soon, so stay tuned! :)


Pien- is already avaliable in Lithuania. You can find them at Grozio draugas shop:  http://www.groziodraugas.lt/?post_type=products&s=pien

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  1. Kokie faini produktai! Po šio posto labai norisi juos išbandyti! Laukiu nesulaukiu Lietuvoje :)