Hey darling! Thanks for stopping by my blog. How are things for you at the moment? I hope you're well. I am in the middle of my exam session and cannot wait to be all done till the autumn. Summer is comming with a fast pace to Lithuania and I hope to bring some summer into my photographs for the blog. Today I will be reviewing a new product from Maybelline and it's their master brow pro pallet. 

Maybelline master brow pro pallet is eyeshadow and tinted wax in one pallet. It has Medium brown wax to fix the brows, dark brown shadow to tint the brows and a bright colour eyeshadow to highlight the brows. The pallet also contains a brush that makes this pallet super handy on the go and for traveling. Maybelline released only one shade of the palette and it's dark brown, so not really suitable for very pale girls. 

So to be clear with you guys, there were things I loved about this palette and some things thad I did not like at all. First of all I loved how tinted the dark shadow was. It was also very easy to distribute and blend the shadow in the brow hair. Also the shade of the middle part is amazing for the dark haired women and I love that it's a cool toned shade of brown. The next thing I liked about it is that it's very compact, easy to use, quick and has everything necessary for doing the brows. 

What I didn't like was the lightest shade to highlight brow. It's very loose and crumbly. Also it's almost invisible when on, so very pointless to use it. The wax. Ok so the wax is not as easy to use as let's say brow mascara or gel. Wax also stick the hair together so you also have to have eyebrow brush with you when using this palette. The brush that's added into the palette is not worse, but nothing special to. 

To conclude this post I thing the middle part of the palette is amazing, but is it worth buying the whole palette? I'll let you decide. Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by :)

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