Hello my lovelies. Long time no see. I've been busy as bee lately with all the finals ad stuff, but I hope to be back with all the exciting things soon. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on this Finnish natural cosmetics brand Frantsila and their Midsummer rose line, so stay till the end.


I am always in for good exfoliation, so I was excited to try Frantsila Midsummer rose herbal peeling cream. It's a natural exfoliation cream for face than removes that dead skin in seconds. Apart from good exfoliation it's good to know that it's all organic products that do no harm to the skin. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the rose scent that is in the whole line, but those who like rose scents will love this one because it doesn't smell chemicaly. 

Another product I've tried from this line was rose face oil that nourishes the skin with organic northern rose extracts, vitamin rich seed oils and aromatherapeutic rose oil. Theu recommend using this daily with day cream, but it was too much even for my dry skin. I am using this once a week to give my skin that oil pamper and treat. It's 30ml's but I only used few ml's in a month or so, so this will last me ages to pamper my skin. Thumbs up for it.

Last and my favourite is Frantsila Midsummer rose body butter. You guys, it's texture is A MA ZING! From the first touch I fell in love with it and I couldn't get over it. This body butter is the softest product to put on the skin and it gives it soo much moisture and softness. The goodness it contains are: shea butter, jojoba oil, vanilla oil extract and essential oils. Love, love, love this!

All in all I loved trying out these natural products from Finland. I bet Santa Claus uses these products, because they are natural and effective hehe!

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