Hello lovelies. I'm back with bloggerfaves today. Juoda plunksna was created with an idea of hair blog, I think I lack these kind of posts out here. That's why I asked lithuanian bloggers to find out which hair shampoo is their favourite. Let's find out:

                                                     Aurelija (me) from 
From the handful of shampoos that I've tried in my life, Davines Melu one was the only one that blew my mind away. With this one you can instantly feel the results. The only bad side is that it's pretty expensive for me, cause I go through shampoos like nothing.

Aistė from

Hes favourite shampoo is  "Natura Siberica" for coloured hair. She have chosen it because it's organic, does not contain any chemicals that are bad for the hair. Lovely scent, soft hair - best discovery of the year, says Aiste.

Živilė from

Her favourite is  O'right Recoffee Volumizing shampoo. Why it's so special? Well, it's made from coffee grounds mixed with other ingredients. After using this shampoo, hair gets smooth, friable and viable.

Morta's favourite shampoo is  O'rising Bagno Capillare Cocco with coconut oil. Smells like coconut,  moisturizes, nourishes the hair and makes the shiny. 

 What are your favourite shampoos that you can swear on? 


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