Nowadays we have so many make up removing products and it can be a headache to find the one. Check out what make up removers are loved by lithuanian beauty bloggers.

Aurelija (me) from
Another Simple product that I love is their micellar water. It removes every bit of make up from the skin, leaves it fresh and clean. 

Bioderma Sebium for combination skin is her favourite make up remover. It removes the make up and any other dirt on the face perfectly, it's scent isn't annoying and it's suitable for sensitive skin. Aiste uses it for two years and doesn't plan to switch it to any other product so far. 

Morta removes make up and cleans her face with healing soap that contains honey, propolis and shea butter. Though everyone's affraid to use soap for make up removal, this soap doesn't dry out her skin. Who also uses soap for make up removal?
Aliona's favourite make up remover is from Lush 9 to 5. It's creamy and has an amazing rose scent. She says "anyone with obsession over rose scents would understand". 

She says that she will be boring, because her favourite make up remover is this Garnier micellar cleansing water for sensitive skin. It's gentle for the skin and perfectly removes any make up. 

Before getting the answers from bloggers I thought all of them will be obsessed with micellar water, but as you can see, they are using so many different kind of products. I am so inrigued, are you?

Have a nice weekend!

Aurelija :)

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