Hey guys! The first spring month has passed sooo quickly! Spring is usually the time of the year when I start wearing my hair loose, so it's definitely the time to pamper my hair more. I've recently discovered these Ambroozija haircare products and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you.

The first thing I've tried out was this luxurious leave-in hair balm "Saulė" with rose absolute and silk. Well first of all the ingredients are amazing. The main ingredients in it are rose water, glycerin and argan oil! It's also super light in texture, doesn't weight down the hair, you can use it non stop. What does it do, you might ask. Well it restores hair moisture balance, silk proteins smoothes the hair, gives them flexibility and shine. 
The only negative thing about it is the rose scent that I'm sooo not a fan of. But other than that it's a great pamper product for the hair. 

Second product I've tried was this "Laumė" hair mask for damaged hair and hair loss. The ingredients will blow you away: macadamia, jojoba, castor, hemp seeds, muscat sage, teatree and other oils! Only oils to help the hair and scalp. I think this mix is fool proof. It cannot not work! I've used it only 5 times, but my scalp became less flaky. I cannot say anything about the hair growth (that with this list of ingredients it must do) because it's too soon to see anything,  but I bet it would make hair grow faster. 

For girls, that want better looking hair I would suggest to use more natural products. Not necessarily Ambroozija produts (that are also very good at that), but any kind of natural or home made products. They are much better for you and costs a penny.

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