I was always a supporter of products #MadeInLithuania. We do have quite a few decent brands that make affordable, but quality products. What's there not to like? So when I got few bits and bobs from Biok, I was excited to try out their Rasa Beauty drop face cream for dry and normal skin.

This cream contains a lot of almond oil and a bit less of argan oil. The texture of it is like a regular cream, not too thick and not too watery. Just in the middle. Somehow, I fell for the scent. It's a pleasant creamy scent, nothing bold.

Speaking about the abilities of this cream, it's hard to say that it did something magical or mighty, because it didn't. But most of the creams usually don't, unless you have a very problematic skin or any skin problem and you're using healing creams. But when we're talking about regular creams, it's hard to say anything about the effect. All I can say about this Rasa cream is that it left my face softer, moisturized my skin, sinked in quickly and that's it. So if you're searching for a nice daily cream that's rich in oils - grab this one!

P.s. I like the golden touch in the packaging, because it makes it pretty photogenic, doesn't it?

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