Hello my dear readers! I just came back after a wonderful trip to Paris. It was rainy & gloomy, but still had a lot of charm in it. I came to share my memories with you :)

Places we visited:
  • Eiffel tower
  • Champs de Mars
  • Avenue de Champse Elysees
  • Arc de Triomph 
  • Laduree
  • Louvre
  • Hotel de Ville
  • Belleville
  • Jardins du Trocadero
  • Pont au Change 
  • Rue Denoyez
  • Republique square
  • Bastille
  • Rue Cremieux
  • Angelina
  • Hotel de Sully
  • Place de Vosgues
  • Palais Garnier
  • Galeries Lafayette
  • Printemps
  • Notre Dame
  • Merci shop
  • Pont de l'Archeveche
... & a lot of other places on our way!

I think in such short time we visited a lot of places. I wanted to find some unnusual places that most of the tourists don't know and I did! Couldn't visit all of them, but the ones we did were amazing. Would totaly recommend visiting Merci shop, Rue Cremieux, Rue Denoyez & Hotel de Sully. 

It's the latest Paris concept store sensation! It's famous for it's red tiny car in their amazingly cute courtyard.

Rue Cremieux
It's called the Notting Hill of Paris. Colourful houses that will inspire anyone!

Rue Denoyez
The most graffitied street in Paris.

Hotel de Sully
Beautiful architecture, courtyard & few steps from the first planned square of Paris: Place de Vosgues.

Also check out few moments captured in a  video:


  1. Your pictures made me remember my own trip to Paris 2 years ago.. :)

    1. I'm happy to bring back nice memories for you :)

  2. Labai gražios nuotraukos, patinka tokie jūsų įrašai ;)