Hello my dear readers. Today I come to you with a new review. This time I've tried Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. Everytime I go to sleep I have a routine. I clean my face, I use a conjac sponge, I tone it and apply a moisturizer. I've used this sleeping cream insted for a couple of weeks and I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Garnier says this cream is anti-aging, de-tiring, smoothing, firming & rejuvenating. It contains 7 ingredients for anti-aging: LHA, Adenosine, Albizia, Hyaluronic acid, Ruscus extract and Jojoba oil and it also contains essential lavander oil. Though everything looks pretty amazing, it still has alcohol that dries out the face and some other few bad ingredients, which I am no expert about. Nothing's perfect, right?

The cream is in a pale pink colour and has a nice clean scent, that, in my opinion, couldn't bother anyone. The consistency is very weird for me, it's like a gel cream. I'm not sure how to describe it properly hehe. It glides through the face very comfortably and isn't too watery or too thick. More on the effect, I used it everynight since I got it and on the first few nights cream sinked into my face very well, my face felt soo soft, really. That's a fact. But I feel like after few days my face wasn't dry enough, so the cream sinked a bit slower. Or maybe I used too much of it. 

I think my face likes it so much, though my skin is sensitive and I'm in love with the smoothing effect. Cannot tell you anything about the anti-aging or de-tiring impact of this cream so far, but if you'd like some smoothness for your skin, I would recommend trying out this Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream. It doesn't brake the bank too, hehe :)

If you've tried this cream, I would love to hear your thoughts! :)


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