Hello ladies. Friday, friday, friday again! To finish off this week I have a delicious bloggerfaves topic here, Today we're talking about favourite snacks. Who doesn't love snacks? Exactly.  Curious what snacks are blogger favourites? Then continue reading.

Aurelija (me) from

To be honest, my snacks depends on the phase. I had a Kinder Bueno, Croissant, caramel Croissant, tortilla, doughnut phases & now I'm on sour belts phase. Who's with me?

Aliona's favourite snack kit: olives, chips and hard cheese. Perfect appetizers.
"Who said cheese? :) I always like to try some new sort of cheese that I have not tried yet, and it became one of my favourite snack right now. Especially, rich in flavour and blue cheese."

She likes to snack with fruits and berries. They're refreshing, sweet and healthy. 
I got so hungry while writing this post hehe. I better make myself something to eat. See you soon my lovely readers! 

Aurelija xo

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