Hello beautiful ladies. It's finally friday again and I'm here with #bloggerfaves. This week I've asked bloggers what's their favourite daytime cream a.k.a moisturizer. It takes huge part in our daily beauty routine and I think it's important to find one that suits your skin. Let's find out what beautiful lithuanian bloggers put on their face, shall we?

Aurelija (me) from

I have to admit, my moisturizer depends on my mood and the condition of my face. When my face is pretty dry, I use heavier creams, such as L'erbolario, but my favourite I think is by Simple. It's so lightweight, yet does it's job perfectly and sinks in super fast. What else could you wish?

 Aistė from

Her facourite face moisturizer is  "Babe Stop akn skin balance moisturiser".  It's a discovery of a lifetyme for Aiste, who has an oily skin. It moisturizes her skin, yet doesn't make it greasy, sinks in to the skin quickly and is good for makeup base. She admits that it's not the cheapest product, but you need just a tiny bit of it and Aiste wouldn't change it for anything.

For Aliona only moisturizing isn't enough. She also wants her daily cream would be firming the skin and would fight wrinkles. That's why she chooses  Juvena Miracle Booster. It's perfect product for Aliona. Love from the first try. 

Darja agrees with me about Simple moisturizer. She says it's perfect for morning, because it not only moisturizes the skin, but also prepares it for the make up. 

Morta's favourite:  Dr. Belter Line A face cream. It's high quality product suitable for oily skin. Moisturizes the skin and heals rashes. 

P.s. my mother always tought me that doesn't matter what face cream you use, you have to apply it from the bottom to the top of the face, because the gravity already pushes the skin down. Also never to forget the neck, which is a high indicator of a woman's age. 

Also huge thanks for these beautiful bloggers that find the time to share their favourites with us! :)

Have an amazing weekend ladies!

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