A while ago I received a gift from Lithuanian brand SESES (sisters). It was this gorgeous black leather tassel. I was very happy with it, because it's made very precisely, I could tell. But long story short, I wore it on my Toks Visoks bag and I've lost it. I reported it to SESES and their customer services were incredibly good and fast. With my help they've tracked the error with one batch and they were able to fix it. Also thank you Seses for resending me this tassel. In my oppinion, their customer services were one of the best I've experienced ever. Thumbs up for that. 

More on the tassel, it is made from 100% leather, has silver hardware & is made in Lithuania, which is always a bonus. It is a very high quality product. 

You can use this tassel with so many things, it is so versatile. I like using it with my keys or sometimes I clip it on my bag to decorate it and make it different from the ohers. The design of it is very timeless and it will never go out of style.  Such a simple, yet different piece to have.

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