A while ago I asked out my boyfriends mum on a date to have a fish spa pedicure. So last monday we did it, we had little fishies eat our dead skin. Hehehe. If you're interested in the whole experience, carry on reading.

Let's start with fishies. The woman working there informed us that the human dead skin is only a delicacy to them. They don't benefit from it, they only like the taste. And they can eat it as long as they want. Fishies get all their vitamins and stuff from regular fish food. Also when we came, the woman asked if any of us were ticklish. That's because they have two sizes of the fishies, smaller ones are good for ticklish people, but they do less of a job on feet and the bigger ones are a bit more ticklish, but they can do a better pedicure. We wanted good results, therefore we took bigger ones.

Let's talk more about the whole process of having fish pedicure. First of all we came in and washed our feet. Only with our feet clean we accessed the fishtank. At first it was very veird feeling. A bit ticklish, but when you know that someone is eating your skin it makes the whole experience strange. But then we got use to it and just enjoyed and relaxed. This was not only a pedicure, but also a massage. 

And now the outcome. After the spa, our feet were super soft, it felt like they were very moisturized and fresh. However they only ate the dead skin and for areas like heels I would have wanted more effect. They did a great job with fingers though. 

Taking everything into account, this was a great experience. We totally enjoyed it and we plan to do this some time again. Fish spa has a lot of benefits, for instance the Garra rufa fish exfoliation is said to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, remove bacteria and reduce foot odour, help with athlete's foot. It’s said that feet will be smoother and softer after treatment.
It’s also said the fish can stimulate acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. I would recommend fishspa to everyone, woman and man, teens and adults. Have you tried it?

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