Hello my dear readers. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and got the energy to start the year productively. You may have noticed that my blog was under construction. I tried to make it as simple and as clean as possible so for now I am happy, but certain changes might occur. You've probably can tell by the title that today I will be talking about new Maybelline product for nails and that's 'Super stay 3D gel effect plumping top coat'.

To start off it has an amazing brush to apply the product with. It is rounded so it covers the whole nail in just one stroke. Another benefit it has is it's drying time. It dries out completely in few minutes, but to be sure I try to avoid sharp surfaces for half an hour to achieve that gel effect. After the application it feels so much like gel nails. And the best part is that it makes any nailpolish last a lot longer. The best results I saw  with Essence nail polishes. It lasted for more than a week and I had to reapply just because I got bored with the colour. 

Here you can see my so aspersed Lumene nail polish with Maybelline 3D top coat. It's been three days and no chip so far. 

In my oppinion this is going to become the holy grail product of Maybelline because of it's amazing quality. I would totally recommend it for anybody that's in search for a splendid top coat.

See you soon,
Aurelija :)

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