Have you ever heard of love from the first scent? This happened to me a year ago when I first smelled Creightons Vanilla & Macadamia Bath and Shower cream. I just had to get it. And when I got it, I couldn't find any more of it in the drugstores, so I saved it like I will never get my hand on it again. As you all probably know, I've spent this summer in UK and when I saw the exact same scent shower burst, I didn't doubt for a second and got it. And I think it's time to share my love for it with you, my lovely readers.

This is the sweetest smelling shower cream. It somewhat reminds me of one of my favorite perfume Lancome La vie est belle L'absolu. It smells like vanilla cotton candy, makes me wanna eat it hehe. 

Though scent of the product is immaculate, the ingredients and the effect it gives are nothing too special. It's just a regular shower cream, but with an amazing sweet scent. 

If you are a sweet candy scents lover, definitely try this one, you'll not regret!

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