Hello my dralings. As christmas is comming up I made my wishlists, not that I am getting any of these now, but these are the material things, that would make my heart melt. There are more more more and more of things that I crave & I am happy that I can crave something, because the problem with out society is that when you get something, you do not value it. So when you still don't have it, it makes you happy inside to think about them.

1. Mini grey Uggs - it would be the third Ugg pair in my shoe collection, but I find these mini ones so adorable and easy to wear and pair with any clothing at all. From jeans to winter dresses. People who think Uggs are lame - you are lame! Comfort at it's finest!

2. Sewing machine -  you might not know, but I've spent my entire childhood in a sewing factory my dad own. At that time 100 women sewing did not inspire and seeing all of those NewLook, Dorothy Perkins and other famous brands tags didn't interest me. But now, as I get older, I am so interested in this field and I might buy myself a sewing machine and ask my dad to teach me to sew. My dad is pro in that field, he also fixes the sewing machines. Maybe this is going to be my newyear resolution? Maybe...

3. Minimalistic home decor pieces - I can buy these all the time. Doesn't matter if I need something or not. It just makes me happy to look at beautiful things at home and inspires me to create something beautiful too.

4. Nail polishes - as you can probably tell, I turned from gel nail polish to the regular one as it gives me to use more colours. I am still looking for that perfect nailpolish and I hope to find one soon.

5. Scarf - to be honest, I am not a scarf person. I have when something is touching to my face, but I  really like the comfort and coziness that it gives. Maybe one day I will get over with that face thing.

6. Rayban - me and my boyfriend love Raybans. We got a pair for eachother like two years ago and I think it's time for a new one, maybe a bit modern, because we have them two classic ones.

7. Candles - I enjoy a good candle soooo much. It brings me to a very nice mood. This year I found out and discovered so many new candle brands and there is just no space for all of them in my wishlist, starting from Diptyque to Yankee candles or maybe a lithuanian Smells like spells? 

8. Grey coat - I've been looking and I am still in a hunt for that PERFECT GREY COAT. I have very high hopes to find one this year, but I don't think I will. 

9. Perfumes - If I could, I would own like 10000 bottles of perfume. Maybe one day. Everyone starts somewhere, right? I think lithuanian brand FUMparFUM ones would be a great start. I checked Pepper soul today & I cannot get over it!

10. Bath products - I love getting into a nice bath after a full long day. And bath products make such a nice addicion to the bath. It's such a simple thing, but it does make a difference.

11. Grey nikes - I've been eyeing these for half a year now. I wanted to get them in summer, but I got my Adidas superstar instead. I think these go with EVERYTHING and I am so into grey at the moment. It is such a sophisticated colour. Isn't it?

Santa, are you reading my blog? Hehe

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