Hey ladies. I have been flooded with uni work these couple of weeks, so I didn't have time or inspiration to write anything for you. I have submitted more than a half of my assignments so I have  a bit more time now. Today is my loves birthday, so I decided to give myself a day off hehe. And I'm gonna try to be productive.

If you're following me on instagram (@juodaplunksna) you probably have seen this Vivi product and the story behind it. So one day after a workout I saw a message from Vivi, telling that they have a gift worth 10euros for me and that I have to pick it up. I had some free time, so I drove to the oldtown and picket it up. I chose this hydrating face lotion that is antioxidant and tonic. 

At first I want to share what I dislike about this product. And the only thing I don't like is the application. It is sprayable and when I spray it, it's kind of disturbing, I don't know how to explain, but it just annoys me. I would rather use a cotton pad for it. 

And there are a bunch of things that I love about it. For instance it's ingredients. As far as I researched, most of them are good for us and do not do any damage like aloe vera extract, melissa oil, lavander oil and many more. I also love the packaging, well I love all of the Vivi packaging, to be honest. 

Oops I didn't really told you what it does for the skin. It hydrates and moisturizes the face and neck area. It also works like tonic and refreshes the skin, makes it wake up, balances the face pH level. 

How to use it? Use it in the morning and in the evening on clean skin. Spray it on the skin and after it dries, use the ussual face cream. 

My final thoughts on it would be that I really like ussing it. I have already used up 1/3 of the products, so I formed my oppinion. I like how it makes my face wake up in the morning.


  1. Great review. I tried one Vivi product and was not happy, but this one looks promising :)

    1. Which one have you tried? It might be due to usage of non organic products, our body is used to them and when we give them something better, they are confused & we do not see the result :)