Are you having a nice sunday ladies? This crappy weather makes me dull and lazy. I don't want to get my feet out of the bed. Lazyyyy. Well this time not about that. I want to introduce you to this goooorgeous autumnal eyeshadow pallet by Make up factory.

You can see that it has amazing colours. They are all sparkly, but you can use it for the daytime and night time too. I couldn't even pick the prettiest colour, ahhh... And it is very easy to blend them out, creat smokey eyes and what not. I find this packaging sleek, minimalistic, comfortable to use and high quality!

All shades are very shimmery and opaque so you do not need a lot to achieve your wanted look. It stays on the eyes for almost full day, but with a primer you don't have to worry about your eyes at all! And for the girls that like neutral colours this pallet would be all they need. Am I right? Because I hate when they put one random colour in the pallet... 

My verdict would be that this pallet is totally worth every cent and is very versatile. You just cannot go wrong with it!

Have a nice rest of the weekend guys!

Kisses :)


  1. Tikrai labai tobulai atrodo :) Rudų ir neutralių atspalvių juk negali būti per daug :D

    1. Būtent! o svarbiausia visas spalvas panaudoti galima :D