I have alredy told you about my recent obsession with nail polishes, so I have been buying them a lot. And one of the new ones is this Lumene gel effect nail polish in a shade 402 Bare landscape. Keep reading and find out what I love and hate about it.

Well, first of all I LOVE the colour. It's this hazel brown colour and I have simiral gel one. Secondly the application is nice and easy, because of it's wide brush that covers almost the whole nail in one strike. Thirdly this nail polish dries pretty quickly. And finally it is opaque, so no need for a lot of layers.

Now it's time to say what I hate about it. Well it chipped the first day and this annoys me sooo much. When it chipped the first time, I thought maybe it was some kind of my falt, so I gave it the second chance and applied even three coats, but it still chipped.I was hoping so much more quality from this Lumene nail polish and it completely doesn't satisgy my needs. Also it is not the cheapest nail varnish out there and you only get 5ml in the bottle. 

You can probably see nw that there are more cons than pros, so I wouldn't recommend this product to you. There are many more quality nail polishes out there and there's no need to fuss about this crappy one.

Have a nice day gals,

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