Dry shampoo? I know you all know what it is and what it does. When women decides to try out dry shampoo, their first thought is to get Batiste. It's probably the best known dry shampoo brand in the world. And the question is... is it worth the hype?

I tried two of their shampoos. One of them was for dark & deep brown hair because it has a colour to it. At first I was very excited to try it out as I thought it would be perfect for me, because I hate that grey residue after other dry shampoos. Buuut.... Using this product was unbearable. The product itself did a decent job, but I am a person that constantly touches her hair and the problem is that my hand got "dirty" from my hair. If you do not touch your hair throughout the day - it's worth the try.

The other one I tried was their original one. I was sceptical at first, but I do enjoy it. It's not perfect, but it works. Few thoughts on it: I think the scent of this one is probably the best from all the dry shampoos I've tried. It also gives my hair some freshness for few hours, so I guess it is an emergency product only for a few hours. Another thing is that you need quite a big amount to cover all hair from all sides. I used it like five times and I do not have much left. 

All in all I think dry shampoos are good for unexpected events or lazy days, but freshly washed hair beats everything!

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