Have you ever seen any of thes shampoos? You have? Have you ever had any of them or planned to get one? It's not a secret that it is mission impossible to find the right shampoo for your hair, we, girls, keep on trying to find the perfect one. Even if you find it, your hair gets use to it and you have to continue the search. 

I will start with the one that's the most natural one and I got it myself. It's Insight nourishing shampoo for dry hair. It's ingredients are pretty good, it contains coconut, almond oils, organic oat extract and other goodness. It is also sls, sles, paraben, silicones, allergens free product. The scent of the product I find very cheap, too sweet. The packaging is very convenient, using the pump products is always easy and nice. I thought that I am going to love this product, though my hair did not feel the same way. Despite the fact that it has the tiniest amount of salt, this shampoo tend to dry out my hair. My hair gets uncontrolable and tangly. So sad that it didn't work out for me.

This shampoo I won in Drogas contest. I got the whole line of Aussie colour mate. I am inlove wit the mask, but this time it's not about it. This shampoo is for coloured hair and it isn's supposed to do anything, as on the back it only sais for coloured hair. I love the schent of it, smells like The Body Shop body butter with vineyard peaches. Yummy! After using this for like a month, I have to say that it did kind of help with keeping the colour of my hair. Another thing I liked is that I only needed the tiniest amount to was my long hair and that is always a plus! It does tend to dry my hair, but with combination with the mask my hair gets nice and soft. 

The last but not least is Gosh defrizz shampoo. I was sent it and it was the best from the trio. I never knew that Gosh does hair care products. I will repeat myself. This shampoo has one of the nicest scents and the pump makes the application very easy. I am so sad that the shampoo my hair loved most has the crappiest ingredients. Loads of salt, alcohol and other crappy things... 

The conclusion is that there is no perfect shampoo. It might have the best ingredients, but it will not work with my hair, or it will work with my hair, but have very crappy ingredients. Which one to choose?

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  1. na taip, man irgi dažniausiai plaukai geriau atrodo po tų prasčiausios sudėties šampūnų. Dabar net nebevargstu, nebeskaitau, kokia ta sudėtis. ;) šiaip patiko įrašas.