Hey my lovelies. Today I want to do a comparison post because a while ago I got some Maybelline foundations to try out and I want you to get the impression and maybe help you to find suitable for you. 

First of all I want to express how shocked I was when I got these. All of them were in completely different shades and it seemed like they didn't put any effort to find out what could suit me better. Some of them I couldn't even wear outside, so I am not gonna talk about longevity of these products. 

So I got Better Skin (BS) shade 020 cameo, Dream Fresh BB cream (DFBB) in light medium, Affitone (AT) in 17 rose and Dream satin liquid (DSL) in 48 sun beige.


- BS packaging is very usual maybelline one. It has a nice pump and is easy to use. It is simple, but doesn't look cheap or luxurious too.
- DFBB packaging is without pump, but it doesn't make it harder to use. It is simple and reminds me of essence BB packaging.
- AT packaging is a disaster, when you open it up, the foundation starts to get out and you cannot easily dose the product. When it comes to closing it, you have to be very careful and quick, so that the product doesn't het everywhere. Been there, done that.
- DSL packaging is as great as BS, has a nice pump. Nothing too fancy.

- BS shade was too pinkish for me and to light. Be careful, because in the bottle it doesn't look like pink and the name doesn't suggest that too.
- DFBB shade was the closest to mine. I would say it's in the middle between pink and yellow, just the kind I need.
- AT was a tiny bit too rosy, but wearable.
- DSL shade was completely unsuitable for me. It is probably for a dark skin girls. It has a yellowish undertone, so bear that in mind.

- BS has  low coverage
- DFBB has low coverage and it would not cover any bigger problems
- AT has a medium coverage that is also lightly buildable, but I wouldn't suggest going too far as it would give you that cakey effect.
- DSL has medium coverage. Wouldn't suggest building it up on this one.

- BS would fit oily complection skin as it is drying and for dry skin women it would point out the problem areas.
- DFBB is for dryer skin girls
- AT is also for dry skin women as it has moisturizing formula and might make the face shinier
- DSL might fit all skin types

- BS 20
- DFBB 30
- AT 0
- DSL 13

- BS might clog pores and give a cake effect
- DFBB has a lot of unsafe ingredients that might provoke pimples and brake outs
- AT looks bit unnatural, especially using flash light photography
- DSL looks beautiful on skin, but has some unsafe ingredients





All in all, my favourite one was... Dream Satin liquid, as it looke soo good on the skin and it has anice coverage, sadlu the shade I got was completely unwearable, so I might get my shade and maybe update you on it. Other than that the other foundations are worth trying if you carefully choose it. Do not be affraid to try it in store for a couple of times, see how it looks in a daylight and indoors. 

Would love to hear from you what you think of them and maybe some of you tried any of these. Let me know in the comments. 

Have a nice monday. Kisses! :)


  1. Niekada nepagalvočiau, kad Dream Fresh BB turi kenksmingų ingredientų..Jau 3 metus naudoju Dream Pure BB (niekada nepagalvojau kuo skiriasi Fresh nuo Pure), tačiau man jis iš Maybelline labai patinka, gal pabandyk?:)

    1. Turiu ir Dream Pure bb, tačiau jis labiau tinkamas riebiai odai, o mano linkusi į sausumą :) O dėl kenksmingų ingridientų, tai beveik visuose makiažo pagrinduose jų yra, ad geriausia rinktis tą, kuris jų turi mažiau :)

      Info iš:

  2. Jau nekantrauju išbandyti !!! :))) Puikus įrašas:)

  3. Prieš naudojant Satin Liquid tektų gerokai prieš saulytę pasvilti, nes oho, kokia tamsi! Bet gal tinka kontūravimui? Nebandei?
    Esu turėjusi Maybelline BB kremą, tačiau mano odai jis visai netiko. Ir iš vis, labai norėčiau rasti gerą BB kremą, bet kol kas tik nusiviliu :)

    1. Čia labiau rasę pakeisti tiktų :D Nors davei gerą idėją, reikės pabandyti :)