Since I got ANNY nailpolishes to try out, I switched to usual nail polishes instead of gels. It might be because I hate taking off gel nailpolish and nowadays usual nailpolishes are so quick drying and long lasting that you can get away with them just fine.

So when I got bored with the colours of ANNY ones that I got, I was in a hunt for good nailpolish that would be plain colour without any sparkles (them are horrible to take off). I had one L'Oreal color riche before, so I tried it again and it was very good quality. So I went with L'Oreal. I wanted a nude but rosey colour and I found one in Eurokos. It's 205 Rose Bagatelle.

First of all the application. It's quick with it's wide brush, that can get almost the whole nail in one sweep. Second of all it is soooo quick drying. When I finish applying it on five nails, the first one is dry already. But I let it sit for half an hour (I watch one tv series to skip the time) and I am good to go. The longevity of these nailpolishes is amazing as well. It lasted me for entire week without any chipping.

I am so obsessed with it now and I am craving more colours. What would you recommend? :)

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  1. Šių lakų labai nerekomenduočiau pirkti,pirmomis dienomis tobulai atrodo,o jau po kokios savaitės išdžiūva ir sunkiai lakuojasi. O ir kaina nemaža...