Finally friday guys! I had my brother over for six days and we've been strolling in the city, I showed him some cute places, because he hasn't been in Vilnius for ages. What's up with you ladies? I totally forgot to share my thoughts on these Juvena creams that I got to try out. I finished these samples long time ago.

So the brand is a Swiss one. Which always indicates quality.

I got to try Skin Rejuvenate Delining night cream, which was just a regular night cream. Didn't notice any changes or anything bold. It was nice to the skin and dried pretty quickly, which I like with night creams. I don't think anyone likes sleeping with oily skin, right?

Same things I can say about Superior miracle cream - no miracles at all. Well I had just a 5ml bottles, so maybe with using it more than I did, you could see anything, but for me it didn't do anything amazing. It moisturized and hydrated the skin, didn;t break it down or anything, so I could say it is suitable for a sensitive skin. One thing that I can say is that you really need the tiniest amount of product for the full face. This sample lasted me like two and a half weeks of daily use. Soooo that's amazing!

Other than that I can say it is not worth the money (and it costs quite a lot to be honest). There are plenty of cream that do this and more for a way lower price.

I was trying to find more info about these products, but it seems like they are not so known out there in media.

If you would still like to try them out, you can get them here:
Day cream & Night cream

All in all, the brand looks very posh and fancy, I wish I could try other product of their, because they do look like a quality brand. I was happy with these products, but they do not do any miracles for my skin. If you have tried it and it did work for you, let me know, because maybe it's just my skin or I used it for too short period to see any results.


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