Hello ladies! Today I want to share with you two products, that help my body to get through this cold season. Ant that's Fenhal body oils.

I was sent these two products to try out and to be honest, it wasn't love from the first sight. The packaging doesn't smell quality and I think I was excited over other things that moment. But after trying out other stuff, I finally picked up these two and I really fell in love. Why? Because my skin loves them.

Shower oil. I use it as a rinse off oil in the shower to lock to moisture in my skin.
Body oil was the product I fell in love most. I kept spaying it on my feet and arms everyday to keep them nice and soft. I do not think I am the only one that gets grayish leg skin during cold season and this body oil really helps me out with that. Only few sprays and I am good to go. I usually apply it after shower before I go to sleep and I see less and less dry legs and arms. My boyfriend is lauging at me when I try to spray it on him, he said I look like a creep lol. You know men, they hate anything to do with cosmetics as they think it makes them more feminine and less musculine...

Also both of the products calm me down after a long day and makes me feel like in a spa. And boy... we girls love to be at spa, don't we? So why not have that at home?

Fenjal is a swiss brand that is all about quality!

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