Even when the summer ends, people, especially girls, still want to have a nice tan. There are two options, go to a sunbed or apply a fake tan. Doesn't matter which one you choose, your body still needs some prep. That's when you use bodyscrub. I came across this St. Tropez (a very famous fake tan brand) tan optimizer (a.k.a. scrub) and want to share my thoughts about it.

So texture of the product is very light. It glides through the skin very softly, moisturizing it, but at the same time removing the dead skin cells. The crub foams up a little bit letting you use less product on more skin.

What I hate generally about scrubs is that they are hard to get rid of after using, they get into the most secret parts of the body (hehe not what you thinking about) and even after long rinse, they tend to stay somewhere there. Where this tan optimizer is easily rinsable (idk if that's the word though). Easy peasy.

Ingredients of the product aren't the most organic, but it does contains some good stuff.

Would love to hear your thoughts of this product or any other good scrubs out there.

Kisses! :)

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  1. I've heard a lot this St Tropez scrab and mostly all the reviews were quite good. Maybe you know, where can I find it here in Lithuania?