Matte makes everything so much better, prettier and sexier. Not long ago I was in a search for the perfect red matte lipstick of gloss. I came across this Sleek lipgloss, well you cannot really say gloss, because it's everything but glossy. 


- opaque
- becomes matte very quickly
- lasts quite long
- easily removable
- nice packaging

- requires a lot of precision as it is matte and all faults are very visible
- harder to fix mistakes if they are still not matte
- applicator isn't very comfortable, could be less stiff and more puffy

Taking everything into account I think this lip product is worth investing in (as I am not such lip products lover it is an investment for me), the quality is astounding though this product is not foolproof. 

What are your thoughts on Sleek Matte me products? :)

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