Hello beauties! I'm currently enjoying my time in Lithuania and didn't have a minute to come back to you. If you are following me on instagram (if not) you probably saw that I spent some time in my hometown and now I am back on track.  Since this spring I was gazing at ToksVisoks leather bags/totes and yesterday I decided to get one.
I choose a black medium size bag and cannot get over it so far. The reason I wanted ToksVisoks bag is that they are convertable, you can eather have it as a backpack or tote. Two in one for one price. It is a handmade piece and I am sure that it'll hold me a lifetime.

Getting back to the studies subject I think I can fit everything needed for them in my new bag. Even my laptop fits perfectly. 

In my bag I also have this beautiful new pencil case from H&M full of pens,  Cuticura hand sanitizer, keys, mentos air jar, sleek matte me lipgloss, wallet, notebook and a bunch of invisibobbles. 

I feel prepared, do you? :)

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