Magic? What... Yes! Everyone's been raving about facial cleansing at the moment, about fancy electrics and stuff. I was a bit sceptical about those, do they really make a big difference? are they worth the money? how long it will last me?... I knew one thing, I am not willing to spend that kind of money not knowing if it's worth it. So I was kind of in a search for something to cleanse my face with. You saw a haul post I wrote about a wooden brush with natural bristles and how it didn't really work out for me. So this time about something a bit different. What's that one pound magic all about?

This little thingy is made from gum (I assume) and has tiny bristles that doesn't harm the face and are soft to the touch. The product (i have no name, so let's call it pinkey hehe)is very flexible, so it gets to the hard to get spots. I use it to cleanse my face and neck. And that's not only that. It also removes all the dead skin cells and massages the skin in a way that I have never felt my face being massaged. You can really feel the difference. Face is left baby soft and I cannot stop touching it. Not to mention other benefits of the massage. If you aren't aware, our skin starts to slow down the renewal (making of new skin cells) process when we reach 21 or more and needs some help. Regular massage helps it to keep these processes on time and helps to prolong better looking youthful skin.

You can keep it in the shower, that way you will not forget to use it every few days. 
To be honest I have no idea where you can get it or how it's called, but mark my words, it is AH MA ZING!

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