Hey girls. The biggest struggle since becoming a young lady was to find a good deodorant. And I know I am not alone on this one. A good deodorant gives you a boost of confidence all the time and a bad one can make you feel miserable. I've tried A LOT of different one and this time I think I am going to go with this one for a while. It's Nivea pearl&beauty.

I will start with downside of it. It's that's anti-perspirant. Most people think that reducing sweat is good thing, but actualy for our bodies it's very bad. With sweat our bodies balance temperature. That's why all of the sportspeople sweat a lot. So when we use anti-perspirant, it blocks the pores and sweat stays in our bodies. 

Apart from that this product is excellent. First time I like the scent so much, it's not too strong and not too light. It doesn't leave any stains on clothes and dries out super quick. You only need like a tiny bit, so it will last me a while. Application is very easy too. I came from deodorant spray, so I was very happy to leave that cold feeling in the morning behind. And also it made the whole room full of chemical gas (I don't know how to call it, but you what I mean) and that annoyed my man sooo much hehe. 

Me, personally, I haven't found any better deodorant than this, what are your oppinions on this product?

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