To begin with, this is in no way a sponsored post, I am sharing only my experience. If the title caught your eye, I want to be true, the price was 1.8eu in total for hairwash and cut. You might as hooow? The answer is - begnner hairdresser. "Yeah right, like I want her to ruin my hair" you may say, but let me share my experience of trainee hairdresser.

First of all, a year ago I noticed a place where they teach hairdressers near my home on my way to the supermarket. The sign told "Everything for 5 litas" (1.5eu). I was intrigued. Came closer to see what was the catch, but I didn't see anything suspicious. And two weeks ago I had finally made an appointment to get my hair cut after two years of growing it. 

My first impression was that it's a mess. As I was waiting for a vacant student, I saw how nervous these girls were, some were shaking as it was their first time cutting humans hair (firstly they practise with mannequin). I was doubtin of course, because I had my hair cut terribly more than few times. The moment I saw Urte, I knew I'm in good hands. She was very stylish and friendly looking, so I knew I can trust my hair with her. When she saw my hair, I saw fear in her eyes, but she was brave enough not to show it. They have a teacher there that's constantly watching and checking how straight they are cutting or how they are treating customers (meanwhile I learned somethings too), so there's nothing to worry. 

Urte was very precise, thorough and careful with my hair. I could see that she's a perfectionist. In a good way. Everyone was finished with their customers, except for her. Despite the criticism of being asleep, she continued making sure every lock of hair was even.  

She left me happy with my new hair and I left her happy with her first tips. I had an uplifting mood the whole day. So why waste money on careless hairdressers, when you can have your hair perfectly cut by a careful newbie?

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