To begin with, this is in no way a sponsored post, I am sharing only my experience. If the title caught your eye, I want to be true, the price was 1.8eu in total for hairwash and cut. You might as hooow? The answer is - begnner hairdresser. "Yeah right, like I want her to ruin my hair" you may say, but let me share my experience of trainee hairdresser.



Hey girls. The biggest struggle since becoming a young lady was to find a good deodorant. And I know I am not alone on this one. A good deodorant gives you a boost of confidence all the time and a bad one can make you feel miserable. I've tried A LOT of different one and this time I think I am going to go with this one for a while. It's Nivea pearl&beauty.



Hello my dears. Today I want to share with you my thoughts on a product I've been using quite a while. It's Skincode exclusive cellular concentrate. Skincode is a high-end swiss brand that is known for it's products quality. Today we will find out what's hiding behind this long name of the product.

The packaging reveals that the product is luxurious. It is sleek, minimalistic and eye-catching. It has a dropper that's very easy to use and dose. It's my first time using a dropper and I have to admit that's very handy. It contains 30ml of concentrate and you only need few drops a day. 

This concentrate is made of ACR Complex G2, Moisture Matrix, Tripeptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae and Vitamins. It is free from parabens and it only contains allergen-free fragrance.  It is made for normal to dry skin as it might be too heavy for oily skin. 

The product is made to revitalize and de-stress dull and dehydrated skin. To feel all benefits of it you have to follow the regimen of 6-8 weeks of daily use, because it is an intensive sos skin therapy. I am using it for about 4 weeks now and I became completely addicted to the product. Also to the application process as it is so much fun. I can already feel how softer my skin became and my forehead wrinkles became a bit less visible. I only use it before sleep as it dries out slower than my regular morning cream and I simply do not have the time to wait. Also after application my face gets a bit sticky, but that pass away quickly.

I know it's a very expensive product, but if you are looking for a high-end facial product, definitely check it out. For people that cannot aford it (myself included) I would say that it is not the must have product you would have to save up for months. 

I might make an updated review as my cycle ends. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I would be happy to answer.

Kisses! :)


Hello my beautiful readers. I come today with a fresh review about two lipglosses from BeYu. It's their shade No. 25 Tempting pink and No. 62 Famous nude. If you want to find out what I liked and what not, continue reading...

OOTD: Black&White


Autumn is knocking on our door and with the change of the season I decided to change my hair a bit. I cut them like 10cm and they feel so short as I am used to the long ones. But it's way more comfortable and I feel like wearing them loose more. What are your changes for new season?



Magic? What... Yes! Everyone's been raving about facial cleansing at the moment, about fancy electrics and stuff. I was a bit sceptical about those, do they really make a big difference? are they worth the money? how long it will last me?... I knew one thing, I am not willing to spend that kind of money not knowing if it's worth it. So I was kind of in a search for something to cleanse my face with. You saw a haul post I wrote about a wooden brush with natural bristles and how it didn't really work out for me. So this time about something a bit different. What's that one pound magic all about?

This little thingy is made from gum (I assume) and has tiny bristles that doesn't harm the face and are soft to the touch. The product (i have no name, so let's call it pinkey hehe)is very flexible, so it gets to the hard to get spots. I use it to cleanse my face and neck. And that's not only that. It also removes all the dead skin cells and massages the skin in a way that I have never felt my face being massaged. You can really feel the difference. Face is left baby soft and I cannot stop touching it. Not to mention other benefits of the massage. If you aren't aware, our skin starts to slow down the renewal (making of new skin cells) process when we reach 21 or more and needs some help. Regular massage helps it to keep these processes on time and helps to prolong better looking youthful skin.

You can keep it in the shower, that way you will not forget to use it every few days. 
To be honest I have no idea where you can get it or how it's called, but mark my words, it is AH MA ZING!



Hello everyone. Week is starting and we are resting after weekend trip. Back when I was in UK I spotted some hot deals to go to Riga and Tallinn by bus. This weekend we went to Riga only for two euros both ways. Incredible, isn't it?



Even when the summer ends, people, especially girls, still want to have a nice tan. There are two options, go to a sunbed or apply a fake tan. Doesn't matter which one you choose, your body still needs some prep. That's when you use bodyscrub. I came across this St. Tropez (a very famous fake tan brand) tan optimizer (a.k.a. scrub) and want to share my thoughts about it.

So texture of the product is very light. It glides through the skin very softly, moisturizing it, but at the same time removing the dead skin cells. The crub foams up a little bit letting you use less product on more skin.

What I hate generally about scrubs is that they are hard to get rid of after using, they get into the most secret parts of the body (hehe not what you thinking about) and even after long rinse, they tend to stay somewhere there. Where this tan optimizer is easily rinsable (idk if that's the word though). Easy peasy.

Ingredients of the product aren't the most organic, but it does contains some good stuff.

Would love to hear your thoughts of this product or any other good scrubs out there.

Kisses! :)



Matte makes everything so much better, prettier and sexier. Not long ago I was in a search for the perfect red matte lipstick of gloss. I came across this Sleek lipgloss, well you cannot really say gloss, because it's everything but glossy. 



Hello beauties! I'm currently enjoying my time in Lithuania and didn't have a minute to come back to you. If you are following me on instagram (if not) you probably saw that I spent some time in my hometown and now I am back on track.  Since this spring I was gazing at ToksVisoks leather bags/totes and yesterday I decided to get one.