I have good and  bad news for you. The bad one is that the month of july is already over and the good news is that we have one more month of sun, late nights, eating food outside, loads of fruits and many more benefits of summer season. As someone said, so not cry it is over, be happy that you had it. So try and make some amazing memories, meet new people and make the best of it. Ok, this post is not completely about summer, I am here to share my july favourites, things that I have been constantly reaching for this whole month. 

As you all probably know, I am working this summer and that means my feet has to spend around 10 hours in shoes everyday. To make them feel better, I am using this Spaah! sos foot balm that instantly makes my feet smooth like baby bum and refreshes them with minty freshness. 

Working also means waking up early. And I haaate being that sleepy sleepy faced. So I start my mornings with tining and refreshing my face with this Nivea toner for normal  to combination skin. It also cleans my face from all the dust gathered on my face while sleeping. 

This month I started using this The Body shop oil perfume again. It is perfect sized to carry in a bag and smells amazing.

Another face product I've been loving is this Simple light moisturiser. It hydrates and gives moisture to my face and I can see that my fave has been loving it. Simple products are so good. I've been reaching for them in drugstore a lot.

I've also been trying some products from The organic pharmacy and I've been loving their lip balm. It stays on the lips a long time keeping them plump, moisturised and soft. It has shea butter and you can totally feel that in the product.

Summer without body lotions and butter is not summertime for me. This passion fruit body butter from The Body shop is addiction. Cannot get over the smell and been constantly dipping my finter into it or just sniffing it lol. 

And of course hair products. Summertime doesn't mean good for our hair. We put uv protection on our bodies, leaving hair unprotected, we bath in pools and seas that are full of chlorine and sea salt. That's why in summertime we have to pay attention to our hair aswell. I choose to use this Ogx anti-frizz hydrating oil. This oil caught my attention when I saw how watery it is and that it is sprayable. You just spray it in your palms and rub it into your hair. My hair is suffering from poor english water atm and this is what is helping me. 

That's all I wanted to share with you. Let me know what products you've been loving this month or whether you've tried any of my mentioned products. :)) Have a nice upcoming week! Kisses :)


  1. Labai įdomus įrašas! :) Patiko paskaityti kažką naujo apie šiuos man negirdėtus pirkinius.