Hello loves. Around this time I started this blog and it's been one year of frequent blogging. It  changed my life without doubt in a way and I dedicate this post for this one year anniversary. 10 thing that changed after starting a blog:

  • I discovered this amazing world of blogging. This mass media bubble of so many beautiful and talented girls and women who are expressing them in a way of blogging, showing their outfits, their reviews, their lifes basically. 
  • I became more observant, mindful. I am always in a hunt of ideas, places to shoot and things like that. I am constantly imagining how this or that would look on blog, how would people react and so on. 
  • I started using cosmetics. Yeaaaah about that. If you are reading this blog long enough, you may know that I wasn't a make up girl at all. To be honest I wasn't even using face cream on a regular basis, not even talking about daily. So the blog kind of opened the whole world of cosmetics to me, I started gaining knowledge about the ingredients, history, new and old companies. It didn't make me make up addict, I still not wear make up daily as I still think it is not relevant thing in  order to be happy or feel beautiful, but I started learning about it and also building my make up kit.
  • The blog gave me the opportunity to be in this kind of community or small gang lol. I know it sounds silly, but it does feel like we are a community, we understant each other in some way and it gives me this feeling that I am part of something. Something more.
  • And of course the collaborations. I got to collaborate with so many brands that I didn't even thought is possible. I am so happy that Lithuanian brands are more open minded and are willing to collaborate even with starting bloggers such as myself. 
  • I am not sure if it's because of the blog or me getting older and more mature, but I started to develope my sense of style, I am not as impulsive buyer as I used to be, I started turning away from bright colours and I am always reaching for more versatile pieces. 
  • As I am writing in english, I think and hope that it has made me better at it. I am improving and refining my vocabulary as I tend to research more and more of synonyms in order to express myself. I know it's not perfect, but reckon it will get better with time.
  • I became more aesthetic and minimalistic. Also don't know if it's because of blogging or because of me getting older.
  • It made me more emphatic and more confident. I know I am not the only blogger that reach out to companies and it makes you pin point the pros of yourself and the blog. I know that all of bloggers started somewhere and we were thinking that we are not worthy the collaboration or free products, but as the time goes by you start to develop thicker skin and not be so affraid of rejections. It helps to be more confident in real life situations aswell. 
  • I am a responsible person, but writing a blog made me even more. I am taking the responsibility by collaborating with companies, I take responsibility of every world I put out there in the internet and I am responsible in front of you by trying to put more and more content out there and trying to make it as informative as I can.
 Thank you for being with me this whole time and reading this blog. It means so much to me!!! Big big thank you! Kisses


  1. Congratulations! :)


  2. Didžiausi sveikinimai. Rugpjūčio 20 d. mano blogas irgi šves savo pirmą gimtadienį. Smagumėlis:)

    1. Sveikinimai ir tau! Praejo tik metai, o atrodo, kad visa gyvenima bloginciau :))

  3. Congrats!! :)
    You have a really nice blog!

    Just in chase I leave the comment about travelling in Estonia here also, maybe you don´t notice the answer in my blog :)
    I suggest you to check out this page - http://www.visitestonia.com/pl?site_preference=normal ! You can find tons of information there and if you have any time, I really recommend to go outside Tallinn also, we have gorgeous forests, lakes (Rummu is must see, it´s really magical and surreal place!!) and bog´s! :)
    Hopefully you will have lot´s of fun in Estonia!!

    1. Thnks!! I will definitely check out the places you suggested! I hope that we will have loads of fun in Estonia too, thanks! :)

  4. Congrats! <3
    Blogging is really awesome!

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    Let me know which one of all to follow you back! kiss! 👄

  6. Sveikinu!!!
    Laikas greitai praeina... man kažkaip nesitiki, kad jau rašau blogą ilgiau nei vienerius metus :))


    1. Laabai dekoju! :) As lygiai taip pat jauciuosi :))