Hello loves, how have you been doing? I am quite busy with the work and stuff, but I still want to keep writing the blog. Today I have a review for you from a uk brand called w7. Let's have a look.

First thing I've tried was this black eyepencil called King Kohl. It is opaque, not so waxy pencil. Cheap as chips, but totaly does the job and is worth the money.

Another item I've tried out wasn't as good as the last one. It's this argan lip balm. The packaging is so crappy and cheap feeling and looking. The product itself is just a simple lip balm, doesn't do much to the lips and wears out quickly.

Continueing with lip products I want to share with you this beautiful pink/coral colour lipstick. Perfect shade for summertime. The lipstick is murky and buildable, so even if you like wearing transparent lipstick, this is good to go with. 

This may look like a crappy mascara, but it actually isn't. It is called Thick em' up, but the mascara itself isn't thickening, but lenghtens perfectly. I was blown away by the length of my lashes after applying it. It makes your lashes long, but not clumpy. It stays the whole day pretty good. For this price this is a truly nice mascara, but the only down side I noticed is the brush. Cheaply made with uneven bristles, but oh well, no one is perfect, right?

Last, but definitely not the least is their eyeshadow pallet In the city. It has 6 nude matte shades that are super pigmented and opaque. I was so surprised that the lightest shades are in such a good quality, because it is the weakness of most of the pallets out there. Great everyday eye pallet, don't you think?

All in all, not allways cheap means bad. Do not be affraid to check the cheapest they have to offer in drugstores because you might be blown away. Especially if you have it to compare with other similar products. You will see that some products are so not worth the investment.

Hope you enjoyed the short review and this is my honest oppinion. Have a nice weekend. Kisses!

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  1. Lupdazio spalva tai atrodo to-bu-lai!! ir dar nude seseliu niekada nebus per daug :))) Visuomet smagu rasti geru perliuku uz maza kaina :))