Greetings! I love shopping on sunday. Not so many people and calm atmosphere let's me peacefully look around, try on things and pay for them without queing. It is hard for me to show what I got clothewise because of my 50mm lense, but I'll share some beauty bits.

I was debating with myself whether I should get this The body shop honey bronzer or not. I decided to get it to make my pale face a bit more bearable, not so flat. This is a pigmented bronzer, but lightweight and easily blendable and buildable, so suitable for anyone. I took 03 shade, if anyone's interested.

To go with the bronzer, I picked up this H&M contouring brush. Got it because of the looks, but not sure if I like it so far. Will let you know in the future.

The body shop is having hude sales at the moment. I wanted to get all of the body butters lol. After 10 mins of jumping around the butters, I decided to get this passion fruit scented body butter. LOooove the scent and all the other features of it, just like all of the other TBS butters. If you are interested in them, it's about time to get yourself one, as it was only 6.50. What?!??

P.s. sunglasses are from H&M :))


  1. Zinok, ir as turiu 50mm objektyva, labai jo norejau, labai dziaugiausi, bet pastaruoju metu jis man pradeda atsibosti ir kelti nepatogumu isgaunant nuotraukas, kokiu noriu.. et.. vis negerai :DD
    O siaip as irgi nuziurineju ta Body shop'o bronzeri jau ilgai, nes merginos giria interneto platybese, bet kazkaip norisi isbaigti, ka turiu savo kosmetinej, nes kaip visuomet jei patinka naujas daiktas, prie seno net nesinores grizt :)


    1. As siaip irgi juo dziaugiuosi, bet tikrai labai limituoja veiksmus, ypac jei tik su juo kur nors isleki ir reikia daugiau zmoniu paimti i kadra ar pan... Visiskai pritariu, vis negerai :D
      Mane irgi butent pagiros suintrigavo, ziuresim kaip bus :))