Hello ladies. How's your weekend? I've been shopping a little today and I spent the evening in the park. Today I got this Jolen hair bleach and I used it for my moustache lol. If you are dealing with darker upper lip hair, this post might be interesting to you.

So in this Jolen kit you get "salt" and cram, mix them together and get the bleach. It is super easy to use, you have to keep in in the wanted area only for 10-15mins and you have bleached your hair. Easy, isn't it? It's only 4 pounds and you only need a tiny bit for moustache so it will last you (well me) long long time. 

I was very pleased with the result. I have never did anything to that area and now I am happy about it because people who shave it, say that then hair grow thick and they grow quicker, waxing is too painful, so bleaching the hair seem like the best option.


  1. Ohhhh... One big THANK YOU for sharing this! I will be on my way to the shop tomorrow first thing in the morning! haha


    1. Cannot wait to hear how it went for you! :)