Evening ladies! This cheap storm has overflown my blog hehe. The message I am trying to send here is that most of the times we are splurging money on brand's name and packaging, but not the product itself. I am trying to show that you can take good care of your skin without spending a cow. This time I want to review Mellor&Russell line called Spaah! I picked up SOS foot balm and body lotion for 1 pound each!?! What? Can this be really good? Yes!

The foot balm has reminded me of this Lithuanian foot cream from Margarita. It has a minty scent and feel to it, so it instantly refreshes the feet. It is very rich in texture and moisture and it does it's job instantly. My feet are trapped in shoes for 10 hours a day and are begging for this balm everyday. The company also suggest using this balm as overnight treatment. "Slather on, then slip on a pair of cotton socks for an overnight foot treatment".

Remember the tanning cream I talked recently about? And it's scent I was raving about? Well, I've found a body lotion in this exact same scent!!! I am talking about this sweet(but not too sweet) fruity scent. The product itself is pretty good aswell, thought it's moisturizing and other features do not stay for more than few hours on your skin.

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