Hey loves. I have a sunday haul for you today. I was shopping a bit today, most of the stuff is for home and stuff, so I am not gonna show that, but you will get to see the other thing. 

I was in a need of facial scrub so I decided to pick up this Nuage skin one because I like to try something new and unknown. I loved the fact that it has no scent at all, it smells like nothing hehe. 

As I am working now and it's summer I thought I need some extra vitamins. I grabbed this Centrum performance pack and we'll see how it will perform.

I've heard a lot of people raving about Simple products so I needed to check myself what the fuss is all about. Bought myself this hydrating moisturiser and already used it. It is very lightweight, fast absorbing and moisturising product. Hope it will stay this way. Thumbs up.

Got this backbrush too. It's just a simple one, nothing fancy. 

Picked up this Lush love soap too. This is a limited edition soap for GAYISOK campaign and the assistant told me that it is only gonna be available for 10 more days so if you plan to get it, hurry up. I am very supportive of LGB community and I am hoping that one day there will be no one I would have to explain why gay is ok :)

Oh my gosh. Since the moment I saw it at H&M, I knew I will get it. This is a gold pineapple keychain. Sooo beautiful, isn't it? Love love love it.

I've also popped into primark to get some simple bits and bobs. For example these black simple socks. 7 pairs for 2pounds, could it be any cheaper? I got them to wear to work and stuff because socks get worn out so quickly so I needed some cheap ones. 

Also grabbed this pack of 5 seamless footies to wear with converse or flats. 

Other than that I got myself a navy blue jumper for work because I needed something with a big pocket to keep my pen and calculator in. 

And the last bit I wanted to share with you is this stripy slouchy top with three quarter sleeves. I was so surprised when I touched it that it is so good quality piece. The material is very nice (polyester, viscose and elastan). I am sorry I cannot show the clothing properly with my 50mm lense. I have plans to get another camera, so hopefully soon the quality of my pictures might increase. 

Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more :) KISSES!


  1. Puikus ir naudingi pirkinukai! As irgi tiek esu girdejusi geru atsiliepimu apie Simple kompanijos produktus, kad ir pati susidomejau isbandyti :)


  2. Naudingi pirkiniai :) Esu bandžiusi nemažai Simple produktų. Iš ties jie kasdieniai produktai skirti paprastai veido priežiūrai. Man itin patiko lengvas drėkinamasis veido losjonas vasarai ir prausimosi želė. Manau visas lengvas išprotėjimas yra dėl to, kad kaina tikrai gera, sudėtis neprasta ir nenuviliantys produktai :)