Hey loves. I have a sunday haul for you today. I was shopping a bit today, most of the stuff is for home and stuff, so I am not gonna show that, but you will get to see the other thing. 



Hey ladies. Long time no see. I apologize for that, but I am so busy atm and I swear that I will do my best in updating the blog. This time I thought I would share my most used apps that I think in some way makes my life easier.



Today I did Maybelline challange DareToGoNude. I was using their new The Nudes pallete I talked earlier. I am so inlove with it. So let me get you through the look I created.

Firstly I've used Maybelline BB dream pure cream as my foundation. After that I've used Browdrama on my brows to make them fuller and add more colour.

I used the lightest colour to cover my lids.

Then I used this geyish brown on the sides of my eyes and blended it out.

On top of the brown and between them two colours I blenden in this bronzy glittery chade.

For the final touches I used this light colour and tapped it on the bottom of the lashes to create kind of a lining or something. And of course blended it together.

Last thing I needed was mascara  Lash Sensational by Maybelline.

Ant that's the final look.

Disclaimer: I am in no way a professional, so no need to critisize that. More about what I think of the products here.



Long time no see, ladies. It's "finally" summer. There are two reasons why I don't like summer: heat and that I'll work whole summer. Not in Lithuania, alone. But I created myself a chalange, that I hope to succeed at. I am leaving this wednesday and comming back hopefully in September. I will be blogging there and hope that everything will be fine. Fingers crossed. But that's not the reason I am here. I got some stuff to try out from Maybelline and I am going to take their  #DareToGoNude challange, whick will come up soon. But this time first impression review.

This is such a versatile pallet. Nude, matt, shimmery colours. Ahh. Every girl needs a pallet like this. Suitable for day and night time. Most colours (except the lighest matt one) are really pigmented, buildable. 

Another product I got to test out is their BB cream 8 in 1. It is for oily skin, but I didn't really noticed any drying of my skin. It is light, but has a nice coverage. The colour I think is nearly perfect. Only pros. 

I was so sceptical about this mascara. I've heard so many good reviews and quite a few not so good and that prevented me from getting it myself. But I have to say it does make the lashes super long. The cons of it is that it takes a lifetime to take it out in the evening (and I am not a person to splurge my time on makeup removal, this is one of the reasons I do not wear it daily) and it is a bit clumpy.

It is Mastergraphic eyeliner pen. I was excited about it, but after trying out, not so much. It might be just me, but I cannot do my left eye properly. Just can't. And it does make a pretty thick line. Despite that it is opaque black colour and that is what most people are looking for in a eyeliner. Not sure how the felt tip will perform in the future, but so far it is sharp.

Last, but not least is BROWdrama brow mascara. I was looking for a brow mascara for a while, because eyepencils look soo unnatural and isn't goof for the hair. I waited for essence one to be released, but I got this magic thingy quicker. The colour is a tiny bit lighter than mine, but it does blend in well and isn't visible. It stays the whole day without any mess and cleans out quickly in the evening. My new favourite. 

That's that guys, let me know if you've tried any of these products and how you've like them. See you soon. Kisses!