Hello my dolls. As the week is passing by, I'm here to share what I got this week beautywise. Not much, but I don't really need anything at the moment.

Firstly I popped into Drogas for a casual look up and picked up this Alterra shower cream. Loved the scent and I ran out of shower gel, so I thought why not try out this one, as I have never tried anything from Alterra yet.

I guess that day I was going to the whole orange/tangerines theme. Got this Isana bath salt. This guys smell INCREADIBLE. My friend suggested it as she tried it and it was really great bath salt. 

The next thing I got is this Beauty Formulas aloe vera shampoo for normal to dry hair. I love anything aloe vera and I have to say that this product does contain a lot of aloe vera. And if you are not a new reader of mine, you will know from the post from the past, that aloe vera is one of the super ingredients out there. It's does wonders for skin, hair, body, health in general and so on. Used it a couple of times already, but cannot say much yet.

Another thing I got was this Rimmel WOW mascara. Haven't tried it yet, but I hope I'll like it. I know that you have to change maskara every three weeks, to avoid any infections. That's why I don't see any need to buy expensive maskaras. Thisone has a regular brush and that's it, a regular maskara. 

The last thing I got this week beautywise is this Beyonce Heat EDP 100ml perfume, called wild orchid. When me and my frend were surfing in Drogas, she said that a friend of hers said that there is one perfume of Beyonce that is increadibly sweet, so we checked all of the perfumes that they had there and since the minute I smelled it, I knew that I need it for summer. For summer I needed a perfume that I wouldn't be all grudgy about and wouldn't save it up. It is sweet, floral, fruity,  vanilla and coconut scented perfume that has a moderate longevity. And the best part is that it is extremely cheap. So why not? 

That's it with this week's purchases. Hope you are having a good week and have in mind that it's almost weekend, right? :))) Kisses

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