Hello ladies. It's been a while. I am halfway done with my exams and I thought today to share with you how I organize my nail polishes and bottoms in chest of draws.

Let's start with nails. I've got a lot of boxes from Ikea to organize my things and one of them I use for my nails, because thet always get mixed up with cotton pads, files and things like that, so I thought I need to keep them separate.

I keep my gel polishes separately from ordinary nail polishes. That way when I need to paint my nails with gel, I grab only this bag from the box.

I've used this Dr.Hauschka metal box for keeping my dotters and things like that. As I don't use them everytime, I don't have to go through them every single time I do my nails.

In this gift bag I keep my nail brushes, glitter, alcohol wipes, files and etc.

I also keep cotton pads in this box, so I wouldn't have to run arounf the house looking for these.

Nail polish removers are always there too.

And that's that with the nails.

Another thing I wanted to share is the way I organize my bottoms and some of my basic shirts. In the front of the draw I keep my most used pants to the ones I use rarely. I just roll them and place them in the way I would instantly recognise them. In the back of the draw I keep my basics and some skirts, because I do not really reach for those often.

Let me guys know I you would like more of this type of posts in the future :)


  1. Įdomu buvo pamatyt, kaip/kur laikai daiktus. Pirma kart skaičiau tokį blogo įrašą ir tada skaitydama galvojau apie tai, kaip pati laikau viską. Ypač patiko kaip drabužius lankstai :)

    1. Man pačiai labai tai įdomu ir smagu pasisemti idėjų, kaip patogiau laikyti daiktus :)