Hey guys. Finally it's friday. If you are on a diet (not me), it must be hard to resist sweets and treats, especially on the weekend. When you are craving something salty, perfect thing for that I think is vegetable chips (not potato).
So today I made these bettroot chips at home and want to share the idea with you :)

It's very simple to make and super cheap. All you need is a beetroot. Just peel the skin and continue peeling with the peeler and you'll get thos pieces of beetroot. When you have no beetroot left, take all the bits and spice them as wanted, I used black, sweet and spicy peppers. Placed those bits in the oven and dried them for half and hour or a bit more in low temperature (like 100 degress) until they are completely dehidrated. spiced them with powdered garlic and that's it. Simple as it can get. And they are super delicious.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe and have a wonderful weekend! :)


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    1. Smagu, kad patiko :) galima išbandyti ir kitas daržoves ar vaisius, tokius kaip mangą, net ir bulvės sveikesnės orkaitėje džiovinamos :)

  2. Man butina isbandyti, nes as taip megstu ka nors kramsnoti, kai ziuriu filma, tad sie burokeliu traskuciai butu zymiai sveikesne versija. Dekui, kad pasidalinai!! :)

    1. Ir parduotuvėje jie kainuoja gana nemažai, tad susitaupo daug pinigėlių :)