One of my favourite subject to talk about is hair. I could listen about hair all day & of course writing about in my blog too. Therefore, it's gonna be all about hair today. 
I've discovered Davines in the beauty fair I attended last month. I was taking pictures of treir beautiful stand and one of the assistants came to me, asking where she'll be able to see pictures. When I told her that I'm a blogger, she humorously said that she needs to advertise Davines. I agreed and she explained the whole filosophy of the brand and the stand. It was so interesting to listen and made me so interested in their products. After chit chat she picked some samples that would fit my hair.
I tried them out and want to share my oppinion on them.

Firstly I've tried MELU shampoo and conditioner. All I can say is that I was blown away by these products. Just after applying them (not rinsed) I felt how soft my hair became. These products are sooo good if you have dry hair like mine and they tend to tangle.

The second product I've tried wasn't as mindblowing as the first ones. This NOUNOUS hair mask didn't do much to my hair, at leats I haven't noticed. This product is supposed to treat the hair, restore the structure of the hair. P.s. this sample lasted me 2 times, so it's very frugal mask.

And then the last poroduct I've tested was this calming shampoo for sensitive skin. It is supposed to calm and chill the scalp. I guess this would be a great summer shampoo, as I like to use minty and cooling shampoos in summer (if it's hot, ofcourse hehe). Did not noticed anything major, but I guess my scalp doesn't really need that calming effect as it is in a pretty good state. 

Davines sell their products only at the salons and they are kind of expensive, but good products are always worth investing. I could only recommend the MELU products as I noticed a big difference only after using these ones. 

Let me know if you tried any of their products :)

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