Hey guys, today I am here with a haul post. It's gonna be a collective haul as I gathered some pieces from last week and today's shopping. So let's start with the few things I got last week.

I immediately want to say sorry for the few pictures as they are dark and just blahh. I really wanted to try this mask instantly, so I had to take pictures in the evening. This is Zielona Aptieka face mask that is suppose to nourishe and moisturize the face. I was intrigud by the duo of honey and melon. It does smell nice and leaves the skin moisturized. I think it works pretty good with my dry skin.

I also got the famous Garnier Honey range mask. I've used it once already and I think it made my hair a bit poofier than it inherently is. I'll let you know what I think about it after a bit more usage.

I was also looking for skinny jeans when I came across these jeggings in H&M and they were sooo cheap. They are soft and just glides on the body.

Last piece I grabbed that day was this metal bracelet from Lindex. I am just starting to realize that I am a silver person and that it suits me better than gold does. I think it goes with so many things and as I am not a jewelery person in general, I was surprised that I wore it every single day since the purchase.

Today I picked up this Catrice Matt eyeshadow pallet. I was debating whether I should get it or nah for too long I think. I needed some lighter brown colour and this pallet has them. And it was 6 euros or something.

Other thing I picked up in drugstore was this Catrice camouflage cream to cover my blueish undereyes. It is pretty light, but it has enough of coverage, which is always good.

Another thing that I got is this Essence silky touch blush in this brownish colour. I've heard many good things about it and we'l see how we will befriend. 

And the last thing I got is this H&M basic, but not too basic top with sleves that covers half of the arm, but it loose and I find this thing handy in summer when I don't want to wear anything tight and that makes me sweaty or anything. It is a bit longer in the end and it is 100% viscose and that's what it does so comfortable. Viscose! Loose and comfy piece for the summer and any season basicly. Such a versatile thing. You can layer it and what not.

That's all I wanted to share to day. If you've tried any of these products, let me know what you think of them. Bye bye! :)

P.s. this is the 100th post!!! Yay. Can't believe I went so far with this already :)

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