Hey guys. Today I want to share a collective haul from aliexpress. I made 2 orders, one 2 months ago and another a month ago and the last items came today. So talking about delivery, it took them 3-4 weeks to come, so I would say that's pretty good. Therefore, let's get to the things I got.

One of the things I got is this 3 step blackheads strips "Pig-nose clear". So you have three steps and it's supposed to remove the blackheads which it didn't, thought left my nose soft. Wouldn't recommend it to you. Payed 0.76euros.

Then I got this necklace with bar and circle, you put this on your neck and place the bar inside the circle and you have a necklace. It could be more delicate, but I knew it won't be before buying, so... It was super inexpensive, 0.61euros.

I also wanted a new ge polish, so I got this Candy Lover in 075, this blue color. I think it looks superb in summer on tanned skin. Was 1.90euros.

As I am not a pro in make up, I didn't want to buy expensive brushes, so I picked up this one from Aliexpress. It is a dupe of Real Techniques foudation brush. You can see all cons in the pictures (it has a bruising and this other defect), other than that it is very soft, the brushes doesn't fall off. I payed 1.93euros.

Then I got this pink keyboard for my macbook air. The quality is pretty good, but some of the keys do not match. Also it does block the sounds of computer a bit, so if you want to get this one, have it in mind. I payed 0.74euros.

The other thing that I got were these sunglasses. They are only for styling up the outfit or a theme. They are really good quality and I payed 1.71euros.

Then I got another konjac sponge because I wanted to see the difference. This one is for a deeper cleansing I would say. It might irritate a sensitive skin. It costed 0.94euros.

One of the last things I purchased were these golden tattoos. I was sooo upset with the purchase as I got the wrong ones. I have no idea how I am going to use them as they are in a rubish design. :// Payed 0.99euros.

And the last, but not least is this phonecase for HTC one m7. I was really pleased with this one as it's so well made. It was more seethrough when I bought it and now it got a bit brownish, but I don't mind. Price: 1.99euros. 

That's that guys. Hope you enjoyed and don't be shy to buy from aliexpress. I would not recommend buying expensive things, but for stuff like that (that I got) there is no point in paying more. See ya! Kisses :)


  1. labas, gal galėtum parašyti klaviatūros nuorodą? Ačiū:)

    1. :)

  2. Aurelija, Tavo įrašai nerealūs! ♥ Be to, nuo šiol pradedu Tave prenumeruoti.

    1. Labai dėkoju, Airida! Siunčiu bučinukus :)

  3. Velnias, aš irgi nusipirkau tą Pig nose clear, net gi 2 iš ebay, mokėjau panašiai, ~1eur už vieną, bet dar nebandžiau:( o juk tiek gerų atsiliepimų youtube.. keista


    1. Geeeras, net nezinojau, kad toks populiarus dalykas :D Na man tikrai nebuvo tokiu stebuklu, kurie yra youtubej, bet tu butinai pabandyk ir parasyk kaip sekes :))