Hello everyone! Today I am going to be sharing some things I picked up in the past few days. It's not something exciting, but that's just what I am - ordinary, just like you:) And I think with ordinary, you can achieve extraordinary...


Firstly, just have a look at this gorgeous toothpaste. Isn't it the most beautiful one? It's made by lithuanian brand Ecodenta and they make ecological toothpastes. I am currently trying out their black paste (yaaas, the paste is black people, no rasism for the toothpastes hehe) and I know that this one is limited edition, so I picked it up and cannot wait to try it out.

Other two things are from Lush. I picked up this shampoo bar "Honey I washed my hair" with honey, I think it's the best smelling Lush shampoo bar ever. I also got myself a bubble bath "Karma bubble bar" for a relaxing bubble bath. I've tried both of these products and I am sooo inlove, especially with the shampoo.

I am always scrolling in and searching for something that would catch my eye. And this product was it. It was saying moisturizing dry shampoo, I was like "whaaa, have to try it out" and I got it. In my opinion it is better that Batiste ones, but not the perfect dry shapoo. It makes hair look fresh, but doesn't really make them fresher or doesn't feel fresher too. So 50/50 from me.

Herewith, I got a Invisibobble. I know I'm sooo late with that band wagon, but I was super sceptical about it. I instantly fell in love with it and since the day I got it, I forgot about my other hairbands hehe. I always had a headache, because of the wearing my hair in a bun or tail and Invisibobble fixed it, I hope for good.

Our supermarket Maxima is having "Beauty days" and that means some good discounts for beauty items. So I needed a hair dye. I've used these Garnier Color Naturals dye many times and when I saw the deal buy 1 get 1 for free, I just couldn't resist. It's color 3, dark brown (P.s. I have never dyed my hair black, but everyone thinks I have black hair...)

Lastly I got a shampoo for me & my boyfriend. I always say that there is no point in investing in shampoo, because all it has to do is to wash the hair and do not dry them out, masks and conditioners does the rest of the things. That's why I picked up cheap as chips Wash&go shampoo. 

P.s. please do not mind the lightning, I made these pictures yesterday evening, because I wanted to try Lush products :)

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