SADWM: sakuras, shopping, spring in Vilnius


Hey ladies. I know that most of you like more personal posts like outfits and etc, so today I am doing my first Spend A Day With Me, hope you will like it.

Firstly we were trying to find slalom, but we didn't so we went to Akropolis shopping centre.

I got a dress from Mango and Bourjois foundation from Douglas :)

Then we went in New Town centre to gaze at sakuras. Soooo many people came to enjoy these trees, seems like half of the people came. There were two weddings, people were taking pictures, having picnics, enjoying their weekend. It was so calming to see so many happy people.

Couple goals hehe :)

Imagine: saxophone sounds, picnics, weddings, doggys, babys and happy people. Perfect day in town :)

After we came back home, I spent some time scrolling in IMDB & instagram :)

Afterwards I dyed my hair in dark brown color. 

And for dinner we had barbeque.

Hope you had a wonderful day too :)

P.s. let me know if you would like more of this type of posts :)

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  1. Looks like You had beautiful time :)