Bonjour! It's friday again guys. Week lapsed soooo quickly and we have weekend comming up. Hope you are having something planed because here in Lithuania we will have a wonderful weather. It would be such a shame not to spend time outside. Well enought of the weather talk, lets summarize the week.

1. So last night I was making these donuts for my man to bring to work. I always buy coockies, make cupcakes or something sweet to bring to work for dessert. 
2. No make up selfie, but it looks like I have eyeshadow on, at least for me hehe
3. This pictures really got me thinking. Most of the times we are too stressed about our appearance that we forget what we could offer on the inside...
4. Surprise surprise but this was the first time I made and ate pineapple with something sour & I have to admit that I liked it

5. Skyscrapers of the city, well some of them. I often like to take a cuppa tea, wear my bathrobe and gaze at these scysrapers. I guess it's the simple things that matters most
6. Selfie selfie selfie hehe
7. I was trying the 2nd mask from Ellame this week :)
8. Candy tampons hehe. The packaging is so cool, definitely gonna throw that in my purse

9. I know that for some it might sound silly, but I am so grateful for what I have, so grateful for you that you read my blog, follow me on instagram, it really means a lot to me :))
10. Outfit of the day
11. Trying out lush bubble bath. I need more evening like that!
12. Love the lush bags, simple, yet eyecatching :)

That's that for this weeks instaweek, if you'd like to get the latest news first, make sure to follow me @juodaplunksna :) 


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